Bodensee-Therme in Ueberlingen, Bodenseekreis, Germany | Spa

We cordially welcome you to the hot springs Bodensee-Therme in Ueberlingen,Germany.

In the indoor sauna area of Bodensee-Therme you will find the loving attention to detail. Sweating in the traditional Finnish Sauna.

Or you do like it a little bit less hot? Then you are at the right place in the Herbal sauna. Fresh and dried herbs will be cooked together to a brew in a copper kettle over the sauna oven. Experience the effect and the benefit of these mixtures!

You could relax and remove the stress in our sauna gastronomy. Enjoy the fresh prepared dishes from our kitchen …


Finnish sauna with traditional infusion approx. 80° C

Herbal sauna approx. 65° C

Attraction showers

Relaxation areas


Dream in our new relaxation house and relax with a panoramic view over the sea!

Our separate relaxation house does invite sauna fans to await relaxed on 2 floors the next infusion. Whether you relax on the lower floor on a comfortable bench in front of the open fire or whether you enjoy the marvelous view on the upper floor on a fantastic couch - pure relaxation is guaranteed.

The water of the Bodensee-Therme is of a first-class quality: It is a thermal water which rises at the wellhead with 36.2° C. Therefore the water, which rises from more than 1000 meters deep is far beyond the requirements for the qualification as thermal water. But this is not all: The water analysises have proved that the Ueberlingen thermal water does also correspond to the qualifcations as a medicinal water.

The thermal water is the base of the Bodensee-Therme. The guests coming to Ueberlingen, the population of the town at the Lake Constance as well as of the surrounding area could relax from the pressures of the everyday life and let their soul hang loose.

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Thank you for visiting Bodensee-Therme in Ueberlingen, Bodenseekreis, Germany | Spa


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