Bodega Txakoli Rezabal

Bodega Txakoli Rezabal in Zarautz, Guipuzcoa, Spain | Winery

Bodega Txakoli Rezabal in Zarautz, Gipuzkoa, Spain welcomes you to their world full of sensations, to discover this exceptional Winery. Walk through the vineyards and enjoy an unforgettable, fully guided experience with lunch, dinner or a cocktail, and they host the most incredible events. The vineyard soils ooze fertility in their ideal location and they are proud of the progress they have made in sustainable viticulture to protect and preserve the environment. Bodega Txakoli Rezabal offers easy drinking wines with their own personality, and the Orujo Rezabal is distilled slowly in a traditional way and all their products respect the freshness and fruit of the grapes, they also do a delicious herbal liqueur, a must visit.

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Asti Auzoa, 628,
Basque Country
+34 943 58 08 99
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