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Blue Doors Hostel in Rostock, Warnemuende, Germany | Lounge | Hostel

Blue Doors Hostel in Rostock, Germany, an affordable Hostel with a convenient, central location, offers comfortable accommodation to suit all budgets and tastes, in a choice of dormitories, single or double rooms. A tasty, affordable buffet breakfast available at our Hostel ensures guests get a great start to days filled with outdoor activities and taking in local attractions. Facilities at our Hostel include ample parking on the premises, refrigerators where anglers can store their fish, bike garages, and a fire barrel where guests can cozy up on chilly evenings. And at the end of busy days, guests can unwind in the Lounge at Blue Doors Hostel and enjoy relaxed evenings watching television or socializing with other guests.

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96 Doberaner Street
0381 - 25 29 99 80
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