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Bischoff Textiles have been in the traditional Swiss Textiles center of St. Gallen since 1927. The name Bischoff Textiles is an international byword for exclusive design and sophisticated fashion. Creation, production and distribution of embroideries have been and still are in the hands of experienced experts whose maxim is quality in all its aspects. The range which is being manufactured comprises all kinds of embroideries. The fashionable look of the products as well as their exclusivity and elegance have gained the company a unique reputation.
The Bischoff Textiles, St. Gallen, Switzerland, embroideries are sold either through company owned offices in Lustenau, London, New York and Bangkok, joint-ventures in Turkey and Thailand or through a world-wide net of representatives to renowned manufacturers of ready-made articles. The main clientele is being found in the lingerie, prêt-à-porter and household textile fields.Essential for the world-wide success is the fact that Bischoff has to its availability the latest production facilities. Thanks to investing constantly an ultra-modern machinery park is at hand. But also the up-to-date architecture of the various business buildings is reflecting the continuous progress. Over the past years, technical changes in the embroidery sector have made important improvements possible. Also the successful introduction of computerization in the production and the administration sector as well as the global networking thanks to up-to-date IT-means have helped to improve working conditions considerably.

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