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Welcome to the Biorivage Wellness Centre, Hammamet, Tunisia. The Biorivage Wellness Centre offers treatments in a relaxed atmosphere. The seawater therapy (Thalassotherapy) uses water and the sea climate for therapeutic purposes and prevention of illnesses. It is particularly useful for fighting stress, tiredness, arthritic pain, problems with blood circulation and weight gain. For best results, it is recommended that you follow treatments for 6-9 days once or twice a year. At the Biorivage Wellness Centre, the water used for the marine therapies is drawn 650 metres offshore and contains oligoelements, mineral salts and iodine, which are-essential elements for treatments. In addition to its natural assets, Biorivage Wellness Centre, Hammamet, Tunisia, stands out from the rest due to the modern facilities and the state-of-the-art equipment. The Biorivage Wellness Centre boasts a team of therapists trained in the most modern techniques and all highly qualified. The Biorivage Wellness Centre also offers a range of facials and a body treatments from the French skincare specialist, Sothys. Combining the science of aromatherapy with the art of treatment, these treatments deliver immediate skin boosting results.

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BP 128, 8050 Hammamet, Tunisia
+ 216 72 283 666
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