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Big Fish Dive Center, fully equipped to meet your most demanding Diving needs, is owned by Valentino Marin, who was born and raised in Caye Caulker, Belize.

Big Fish Dive Center are centrally located and just across from the Health Center. Team Caye Caulker have worked hard together making sure our customers are met with first hand services and ultimate safety.

Our dive tours are conducted by trained and knowledgeable dive masters taking you to only the best dive sites amidst richness and splendour of exotic marine life and coral formations around Belize and Caye Caulker.

Our boats are custom-made for smooth and comfortable rides. They also are equipped with marine radios, first aid kits, oxygen bottles and life jackets.

Caye Caulker snorkeling is world class! From your first glimpse underwater, you are in a totally different world - brightly colored fish, sponges, corals, and other creatures everywhere! We offer it all and at very competitive prices. Thousands snorkel our reef and surrounding areas every year and all have wonderful comments when they leave.

Hol Chan Marine Reserve - Explore beautiful Hol Chan! Already a Marine Reserve for 12 years, the fish have had time to grow very large, especially the groupers. See marine life in its natural habitat, such as, barracudas, red snappers, and even see octopi. Snorkel with sharks and rays in the Shark-Ray Alley, another beautiful reserve.

Blue Hole and Half Moon Caye Dive the fabulous Blue Hole and see the ancient, collapsed cave made famous by Jacque Cousteau. Huge stalactites hang like upside down trees. Sharks also frequent this area. The walls at Half Moon Caye and Long Caye also provide spectacular dives. Half Moon Caye Natural Monument encompasses both the surrounding sea and the Caye itself, which is a bird sanctuary. An observation tower takes you to nest height in a booby and frigate bird rookery, an area with many, many nests.

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