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Welcome to the Bay of Bengal Restaurant in Tenby, UK Regions, United Kingdom. The chef prepares each and every dish individually using only the choicest of herbs and spices, creating his own flavor, aroma and authenticity.
The Bay of Bengal has recently added some new main courses as well as starters. These new main courses served with different rices. Thanks to our valued customers that they have appreciated those newly added dishes.
Please relax and enjoy an aperitif whilst enjoying the tranquility of the silky Carmarthen Bay. You can bring your own alcohol (wine or lager) as we don't sell any alcohol. We sell various soft drinks only. We will open and serve your alcohol free of charge.
We hope you have an enjoyable evening at Bay of Bengal, Tenby, UK Regions and look forward to seeing you again soon.

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1 Crackwell Street, Tenby, Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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Indo-Bengal Meals
Individually Prepared Dishes
New Main Courses And Starters
Best Herbs And Spices
Bring Your Own Wine
No Charge For Corkage
Sea Views

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