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Barclay Languages Center in Havana, Havana, Cuba | Language School

Barclay Languages is a private centre located in the heart of Central Havana that specialises in Spanish classes, lessons and courses that ignite an interest in learning and immerse you into the incredible time forgotten city of Havana.

Our philosophy is simply – it is give our students the confidence to communicate, it is this communication focus that means our students learn Spanish faster, have more fun and most importantly can interact with native Cubans and Latinos, some of the friendliest and more outgoing people on the planet.

Sure, we have a strong methodology that ensures that you learn Spanish fundamentals, but at our school, we believe in ensuring that it is the student that is doing most of the talking, and that they take this confidence out on the street with them when they leave class. Most importantly, our key goal is to get our students to keep coming back year after year, to experience the addictive rhythm, culture, music and language of the Cuban people.

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