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Baita Bondella in Brunate, Como, Italy | Hotel | Holiday Accommodation

Baita Bondella in Brunate, Como, Italy offers sun, silence and nature with their four rooms featuring three beds with fresh sheets, warm duvets and towels, they also have two mini apartments equipped with a kitchenette. Their kitchen prepares delicious meals made from traditional local recipes and there are two large dining rooms and a panoramic terrace, enjoy their amazing polenta dishes served with braised beef, donkey stew, la rustisciada or roast suckling pig, their sublime homemade pasta dishes and exquisite cakes for desserts, they cater to vegetarians too. Baita Bondella cater to events with amazing banquets in a typical mountain atmosphere, and is the ideal base from which to enjoy the many walking trails of varying difficulties nearby, and mountain bikers can enjoy the challenging trails too, come for a fabulous stay in nature.

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Via Bel Paese 9,
031 220307
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