Atami Taikanso

Atami Taikanso in Atami, Shizuoka, Japan | Hotel

Atami Taikanso is a 5 star resort Ryokan (Japanese Inn) located in the foothills above Atami Hot springs resort.

The hot spring is drawn from nearby bores and has a high Calcium and Sodium content. This is thought ot be benficial for many health ailments, including arthritis, nerve disorders, and muscle pain.

Rooms at Atami Taikanso are all in classic Japanese Style. Guests sleep on futons, laid out on the tAtami mat floors. Large windows offer a panoramic view, and the rooms are designed to create a peaceful, tranquil atmosphere.

Atami Taikanso, has 3 main bath houses. They are open around the clock, except cleaning time (4:30AM - 5:30AM). After cleaning the baths are open to the opposite gender from the previous day, so you can sample all the baths. Each spa also features a Sauna, and an outdoor bath. Furthermore, all guest rooms are equipped with private hot spring baths.

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Hayashigaoka Cho, Atami City,
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