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Welcome to Ataahua Day Spa, Lower Hutt, New Zealand. At Ataahua Day Spa, Lower Hutt, we have the following treatments and many more.
PREGNANCY PAMPER: The perfect gift for someone you love or treat yourself, you deserve it. Sooth those tired aching feet and treat baby and mum to a wonderful massage. After all mums, you need pampering too.
TIME OUT: Find tranquillity and peace as our staff and facilities help you achieve harmony and state or well - being.
WEDDING BLISS: A ten week preparation programme to get you in optimum shape for you special day.
COFFEE & SEA KELP CONTOUR WRAP: Rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants the Coffee and Sea Kelp Wrap assists to increase cellular metabolism and detoxification. Stimulating nanah mentha leaves, vanilla and grapefruit will awaken the senses, ground pumice will exfoliate and enliven the skin. Macadamia nut oil will leave the skin soft and supple. Complete this treatment with a specially designed contour massage. Forget the ?hustle and bustle? of work and home, this is the ultimate in stress management.

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2 Margaret St., Lower Hutt, New Zealand
Lower Hutt
New Zealand
04 939 9203
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