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Astor House Hotel(or Richard's Hotel,as it was known before) was established in 1846(during Qing Dynasty Daoguang period,26 years)by the Richard's family.It is the very first western Hotel property all over China since Shanghai became a trading port.
The Hotel moved to where it is now on the north end of Baidu Bridge formerly "Weiersi Bridge",and renamed to Astor House Hotel in 1857(Qing Dynasty,Xianfeng period,7 years).
To make it the most deluxe western Hotel in the city and one of the best in China and in the Far East alike,the Hotel was restored in 1907(Qing Dynasty,Guangxu period,33years)to a neo-classic Baroque structure.
Over the past 150 years,Astor House Hotel retains its glorious architectural essence,and helps to epitomize the historical nature of the city of Shanghai.

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