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Apartment Laufer in Unterbrand am Kirnbergsee, Black Forest, Germany | Self Catering

Welcome to the Apartment Laufer, and family Laufer in Unterbrand am Kirnbergsee. Apartments from € 30.00 on the day.

Unterbrand on Kirnbergsee apartments in the Black Forest.
Unterbrand am Kirnbergsee is an idyllic Black Forest village.

Here in Unterbrand am Kirnbergsee Apartment Laufer,stands for Comfortably furnished apartments with a view of the Kirnbergsee.

Unterbrand am Kirnbergsee is centrally located in the Black Forest in the vicinity to Feldberg, Schluchsee, Titisee, Danube source Löffingen, Bräunlingen.

 In winter, the ideal place for winter sports or cross-country. Ski at our Apartment Laufer house on tracks leading past.

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Unterbrand am Kirnbergsee
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