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At Alaska Sea Kayakers in Whittier, Alaska, we believe that through our sea Kayaking expeditions we are encouraging and promoting environmental awareness, and we also provide an outdoor activity that is fun, exciting and relatively easy to master. As you set off on your sea Kayaking adventure, you will discover a whole new world of learning and exploration waiting for you, with spectacular views along a rugged coastline. Alaska Sea Kayakers have several Kayaking options available, one of the most popular being Prince William Sound guided kayak trip which takes 3 hours, and is a recommended introduction to sea Kayaking with light exercise. The Passage Canal is a longer paddle, taking up to six hours, and is also more strenuous, but will be worth the effort as you behold the beautiful waterfalls, hidden coves and glacial views. A short bit of hiking is included in this trip. A sea Kayaking trip with Alaska Sea Kayakers is a once in a lifetime experience, and you will take home with you so many happy memories of your sea adventure.

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