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Al Ain Zoo in Al Ain, UEA, was founded in 1968, and is an ideal destination for entertaining and educational family outings in the fresh outdoors. Our Zoo is home to an interesting collection of more than 4000 animals who live freely in the natural habitats that have been created for them. Al Ain Zoo has established a centre for the conservation of endagered species and have had great success in the breeding of desert antelopes and the endangered Arabian oryx. Families love the Children's Zoo where children can pat a giant tortoise, ride a camel or pony and get to feed birds. Visitors to the Zoo also have an excellent opportunity of interacting with our magnificent and popular giraffes and the bold may even offer them a tasty carrot or lettuce leaf.

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PO Box 1204
Al Ain
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
+971 3 7992000
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