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Adirondack General Store in Schroon Lake, Essex, United Kingdom | Deli | Store | Deli and Restaurant

The Adirondack General Store is located on the east shore in Schroon Lake, New York and this complete Deli supplies all your grocery needs, has lovely Adirondack country crafts, gifts and wood furniture, as well as fishing tackle. Here you can even enjoy a great lunch or breakfast before or after shopping, there's even custom designed clothing, and they are a precast outdoor fireplace dealer, come enjoy the home style in Store baked pies, the best in the county, and there are home made salads and jams, jellies and preserves and more, plus they can make up party platters. The Adirondack General Store also has a summer cottage for rent, ideal for a single family, fully furnished and comfortable.

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899 East Shore Drive
Schroon Lake
United Kingdom
(518) 494-4408
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Deli and Restaurant
Fishing Tackle
Baked Pies
Party Platters