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Addio Mare in San Agustin, Las Palmas, Spain | Italian Restaurant | Italian Cuisine

Addio Mare in San Agustin, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain serves the Italian classics and also love to draw inspirtation from other countries, this Italia restaurant with a creative twist will delight with their unique hearty dishes and new flavours. Come to where cuisine is art, where all are welcome to enjoy themselves and savour a wonderful meal, the menu features starters, salads and mains of mouthwatering grilled meat and fish dishes, and there's a gourmet corner of dry aged high quality meat with side dishes served on a rustic plank and other dishes. Addio Mare also serve pizzas and pastas, perfect ending desserts and there's a great wine list, come for an unforgettable dining experience, highly recommended.

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Shopping Center San Agustín 3rd Floor, Local 211,
San Agustin
Gran Canaria
928 778 924
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