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Abyss Garden Club in Baie de la Ciotat, Var, France | Diving center | Diving Courses | freediving

Abyss Garden Club in Le Ciotat, France, is a Diving center with a difference as it offers nautical activities that include freeDiving Courses that provide a unique and
exciting diving experience. Our Diving center offers personalized coaching of free-Diving Courses that are suitable for newcomers to diving right up to seasoned divers.
We also offer excellent freediving instructor courses conducted by a professional freediver trainer who will ensure you reach and achieve your teaching potential. Diving
activities offered by Abyss Garden Club will open up a spectacular underwater world, and are available for divers from 8 years old and also include snorkeling.

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Wilson Avenue
Baie de la Ciotat
Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur
+33 (0)6 80 75 59 96
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