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Abele Experientia Artis in Bellagio, Como, Italy brings you incredible arts experiences with the Italian master Abele who will be at your side to help you with your unique artwork, it is a place of memories where you can be an artist, even just for a day. They reveal the Italian classical arts here, and you can reserve your personal exhibition in their gallery, plus they offer art classes over a day, 2 days, 7 or 10 days, come learn classical techniques, traditional and modern techniques, antique gypsum techniques, the power of black and white, the art and secrets of Comacine masters and more. Abele Experientia Artis also offers art classes for kids and school projects, and tailor made courses are available as well as individual courses, sculpture workshops, exhibitions, art collectives and much more, it's all here.

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+39 3420931568
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