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Welcome to the Aalborg Defence and Garrison Museum, Aalborg, Denmark.

The city of Aalborg has been a garrison town since 1779 and after World War II and during the Cold War period it has been the largest garrison in Denmark.

The Aalborg Defence and Garrison Museum offers the entire family an exciting look at the weapons and equipment used by the armed forces in defending Denmark since World War II.

To a great extent it is possible to touch and test the different exhibited objects at the Aalborg Defence and Garrison Museum.

Exhibits also include police, search and rescue, World War II and Aalborg as a garrison town.

The collections of the Museum cover all branches of the Danish Total defence comprising the army, the Air force, the Home Guard, the Police and the Civil Defence (now Rescue Services). Further there are comprehensive exhibitions on the subject: Denmark during World War II and on Aalborg as an important garrison city. Finally there is a unique exhibition on the weapons production of the company Danish Industry Syndicate (DISA). Emphasis in all exhibitions is on the time period from the beginning of World War II up till the present time.

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