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9 Beaches in Sandys, Sandys Parish, Bermuda | Resort

Welcome to 9 Beaches Resort, Bermuda. 9 Beaches is Bermuda's newest and most casual Resort. Here you'll have 84 chic cabanas from which to choose. Spread over 18 private waterfront acres on the western-most tip of Bermuda makes it "official" - 9 Beaches is the closest Bermuda Resort to the United States.

Being a new Resort we don't have any of those fancy awards you've probably seen other Resort 's brag about on their sites. We have to do something slightly different - as the new guys we have to build our reputation! And we will, by satisfying one guest at a time. You'll see - all you have to do is come on down. But do it soon before we win all those awards and jack up the prices like fancy restaurants do after a good review.

During the day the Resort's clear blue Bermuda waters make it perfect for every kind of water sports activity. You see, we're surrounded on three sides by water and a neighboring dairy farm that provides fresh milk to Hamilton and Bermuda. Relax by simply lying in the sun on one of our nine beaches and enjoy a totally unhurried Bermuda vacation.

And as day draws to a close, grab a cocktail and your "consort" and experience some of the most magnificent and memorable sunsets anywhere on earth.

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9 Beachs, Bermuda
Sandys Parish
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