Porto de Galinhas : Best Beach in Brazil

Wed, Dec 2nd 2009, 12:19

Porto de Galinhas is the best beach in Brazil, popular for its beauty and proximity to the conveniences of Recife City, capital of Pernambuco state.

Porto de Galinhas is consistently voted the best beach in Brazil and it sees hoards of tourists flocking here each year to taste the sea and sunshine for themselves.

Porto de Galinhas beach stretches 18 kilometres, a paradise of coconut palm-lined golden sand and clear balmy oceans. The coast is lined with a ridge of coral reef very close to shore which makes for sheltered beach conditions. At low tide, holidaymakers can explore the pools made by these reefs.

Porto de Galinhas means "Port of the Chickens" in Portuguese. This refers to the shady history or the bay which was used to sneak in slave ships after the prohibition of slavery. Chicken was a codename for the newly arrived slaves who were used to labour on the region's vast sugar cane plantations.

Porto de Galinhas village is a small fishing village which caught the popular imagination in the 1990s when Brazilian celebrities began to take their beach holidays here. The proximity to Recife, the airport and good infrastructure made it a convenient beach. The view is beautiful and the closeness to the equator means that the weather is perfect all year round. The village now caters to the many tourists who come to stay and there are plenty of hotels, restaurants and a vibrant nightlife to keep them happy.

The unspoiled surroundings so close to the city will ensure that Porto de Galinhas continues to be voted the best beach in Brazil.

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Porto de Galinhas : Best Beach in Brazil reviews

  • Anonymous

    Apr 7th 2010, 14:23

    Hey, i agree with you. The beach of Porto de Galinhas is the perfect beach for who wants to relax and get a bath in the ocean, especially for children. Here colorful fish can easily be viewed in the warm and transparent waters, in the natural swimming pools near to the sand beach. This beach is quite urban, with many bar & restaurants, so the movement of people it great as well on the beach as in the water.


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