Koh Larn (Coral Islands), Largest of the Pattaya Islands

Fri, Apr 3rd 2009, 12:05

Ko Larn or Coral Island is just a 45 minute boat ride from Pattaya. This island makes for an ideal daytrip from Pattaya and is a welcome escape from all the traffic and bustle of the mainland beaches.

The largest of Pattaya's islands, Koh Larn is 4 kilometres long and 2 kilometres wide. A regular ferry service brings visitors from the mainland, or else you can hire a speedboat for the day and make the journey yourself. There are approximately 1,000 residents on the island and you can overnight if you wish.

The centre of the island is covered with forested mountain slopes that make for a great days cycle or hike. The effort is rewarded with great views across the bay towards the other islands in the Pattaya Island group.

Koh Larn is very popular with tourists because of its clear tropical waters and all the watersports that can be enjoyed from here, from snorkelling to parasailing, jetskis, banana boats or just swimming in the warm waters. There is also a glass bottomed boat to take in the splendour of the coral reefs around the island.

There are two dive spots close to Koh Larn. Shark point gets its name from the juvenile nurse sharks to be found hiding in the nooks and crannies of the coral reef. To the south is a site where you can visit the curious remains of a sunken restaurant.

The surrounding islands are popular for day trips from Pattaya or Koh Larn. Koh Phai is uninhabited and features some deserted beaches to escape to for the day. Koh Sak is a tiny horseshoe-shaped island with two beaches, while Koh Krok is popular for its coral.

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