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Tue, Mar 15th 2011, 05:13

During the development of your custom home design, there are numerous floor plan features that should be considered.  Maximizing the enjoyment of your custom home can be accomplished by devoting ample thought to key areas of the overall floor plan.  Areas of consideration for your custom home design should include and open layout concept, ceiling heights, traffic flow, recreational areas, sight lines and exterior views.


Becoming a key feature of almost every custom home design, an open floor plan concept allows better flow between spaces.  A good custom home design floor plan will maximize the useful square footage of the custom home while also creating a sense of special separation.  One way to achieve this effect is implementing half walls as a design element between rooms.  Maximizing the open concept for your custom home design can also be done by separating each space with a change in floor treatments.  The open concept can also have some influence on how the ceiling heights affect the whole design.


Varying ceiling heights or changing the design elements of the ceiling can also create an open feeling throughout the custom home.  Tall ceilings and vaulted ceilings are popular trends used to create the open concept of the custom home design floor plan.  It is common to see ceilings in great rooms achieving heights of 20 feet either by vaulting or 2-story space.  Additionally you will find ceiling heights of 9 to 10 feet in kitchens, dining rooms and bedrooms of new custom homes.


Particularly in an open concept custom home design, the floor plan must cater to the overall traffic flow throughout the home.  Single story custom homes typically have bedrooms adjacent to a family room or media room.  When designing these areas, Design Alternatives also makes sure too much traffic flow doesn’t cross over one another since the kitchen is usually located in proximity of the family room as well.  Although the importance of traffic flow is often neglected in custom home design, experienced designers will also give much consideration to the location of stairways in the overall traffic flow scheme.


Home technology and home theaters have also increased the necessity and importance of recreational areas as a key aspect of custom home design.  Adequate thought must be given to not only identify where the television screen will be located, but also how the furniture will lay out around the home theater speakers and components.  If the recreational area is not attached to the kitchen, consideration must also be given to including a wet bar as part of this floor plan concept.


As previously mentioned the open concept has become an increasingly important feature of new custom home design.  By creating an open floor plan, it opens up sight lines between spaces and to the outside.  A quality custom home design incorporates wall openings and doorway locations to utilize critical sight lines.  Limiting sight lines not only creates a mundane space, but will also make the whole house feel smaller due to the visual obstructions.  These sight lines should open up all the way to the exterior surroundings as well.


Locating the house on the building site is just as important as the custom home design itself.  Care should be given in considering how the sun will enhance the natural lighting throughout the home.  If there are certain views that should be maintained, window type and positioning are also critical features which need to be planned out.  Design Alternatives Custom Home Design incorporates all these important aspects when designing each and every floor plan.  Your dream home is a big investment, so your custom home design should be completed by a designer who knows how to maximize all these important features.


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