The Taradale townclock is located next to a superb rose-garden. There is a bowl for skating located behind the local shopping hub.

Taradale has several schools, including Taradale, Arthur Miller, Fairhaven, Bledisloe, Taradale Intermediate School and Taradale High School. There is also the ever expanding Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT) which provides a broad range of diploma and degree qualifications.

Taradale also hosts the Pettigrew Green Arena which is a large facility which can accommodate for small or large sports games, concerts and fairs. It also has a gym, squash / badminton facilities, yoga and ball training as well as the Sports Hawkes Bay office. Sports Hawkes Bay helps with promoting sport to young people, organising games and competitions and has a service offered to young children to help them lead more healthy lives, as well as some programs for adults.

Taradale is a distinctive community and an important integral part of Napier City. It accounts for approximately one-third of its population.


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