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Eagle Harbor is now a quaint harbor town but was a boom town in the early history of the Upper Peninsula. Everything was shipped into Eagle Harbor by boat as there were no roads. Supplies, settlers, and prospectors came in by boat and copper was shipped out from the Eagle Harbor, Central, Delaware, Copper Falls and other mines. The red brick Eagle Harbor Lighthouse sits on the rocky entrance to the harbor and is a working lighthouse as it still guides mariners across the northern edge of the Keweenaw Peninsula. The original lighthouse was built in 1851 but was replaced in 1871. This red brick lighthouse is still standing, is furnished with period furnishings, and open to the public from mid-June to early October, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Three Museums are open at the same time. Admission to the Light Station complex is $3 for adults, children are free. If the buildings are closed, you are welcome to walk around and view this historic light house or take photographs. Eagle Harbor is a great place for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or snowmobiling on hundreds of miles of groomed trails. The area is very hilly in places so you can have lots of fun. There are also many hiking, biking and nature trails in the area.

Many important historical sites in the area are just waiting for visitors. The Eagle Harbor area is a history buff's dream. Scuba divers will find many wrecks just off shore in the Keweenaw Underwater Preserve. Recently a large piece of "float copper" was discovered in a nearby harbor by scuba divers so you never know what you might find. Keep in mind that storms come up quickly on Lake Superior and the water is very cold. Photographers have the opportunity to catch the lake in one her many moods.The winter ice sculptures along the shore are spectacular as the waves rush over frozen ice and build fascinating creations. Northern Lights sometimes put on their outstanding show. Scientists feel that there should by brilliant displays during the next two years. As you look north towards Canada, with nothing in between but water, star gazing is at its best. Relax in Eagle Harbor and watch the "lakers" (Great Lakes freighters) and "salties" (ocean going foreign ships) as they pass by upbound to Duluth or Canadian ports, or downbound to Sault Ste. Marie and the other Great Lakes. Fish in the harbor, at Bailey Lake, or some of the other many lakes and streams or go canoeing or kayaking. Eagle Harbor is ideal for bird watchers, rock hounds, or other outdoor enthusiasts.

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