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Waikiki is a neighborhood of Honolulu, in the City & County of Honolulu, on the south shore of the Island of Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi. Waikiki extends from the Ala Wai Canal (a channel dug to drain former wetlands) on the west and north, to Diamond Head or Lēʻahi on the east. The name means spouting water in Hawaiian for springs and streams that fed wetlands that once separated Waikīkī from the interior. Waikiki has long been a place of relaxation. In particular, the area was a retreat for Hawaiian royalty in the 1800s. Today it considered the of the tourist in Hawaiʻi, with an abundance of both high-rise resort hotels (including the Hilton Hawaiian Village, the Halekulani hotel, the Hyatt Regency Waikiki, and the Sheraton Waikiki) and historic hotels dating back to the early 20th century (such as the Moana Surfrider Hotel and the Royal Hawaiian Hotel). Since 2001, there have been free movies on the beach. Many tourists from around the world can view a movie on an outdoor 30 foot screen. This particular free movie event in Waikiki is called "Sunset on the Beach".

Waikiki Beach is the shoreline fronting Waikiki and one of the best known beaches in the world. The beach has had its problems because of groins build-out from the shore. This has led to beach replenishment projects in the past. In the 1920s and 1930s sand was obtained from Manhattan Beach, California, and transported via ship and barges to WaikÄ«kÄ«. Sourced with thanks from Wikipedia Waikiki One thinks of Hawai`i and their thoughts will usually include an image of Waikiki Beach. This is basically a two mile stretch of coast fronted by hotels and tourism related facilities and the very beautiful Kapiolani Park. Waikiki Beach is usually crowded but is a very nice area where one can swim, canoe, surf and snorkel. The areas towards Diamond Head are near to the expansive picnic and recreational facilities, including those of Kapiolani Park. Kristina Malsberger writes, "As I thread my way through a maze of umbrellas, sand castles, and bronze bodies, it seems that some things have hardly changed since the days when Bing Crosby crooned 'Sweet Leilani' here in the 1937 film 'Waikiki Wedding.' Yes, the surfboards and swimsuits have shrunk and the high-rise forest has grown, but folks still come here for the same reasons as always: to soak up the tropical sunshine, to splash around in the surf, and to engage in that unique Waikiki tradition — the outrigger canoe ride." Sourced with thanks from

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