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Coldingham Bay The stretch of coast between Eyemouth and St Abbs is split between the rocks of Linkim Shore to the south, and the sandy shores of Coldingham Bay to the north, and both form attractions worth seeing in their own unique ways. This whole area is very interesting to geologists, it was only a few miles further north at Siccar Point that James Hutton realised the impact of unconformities on the geology of the Earth, and indeed, the whole of this area is littered with such unconformities. Around Fort Point at Eyemouth, the geology shows red sandstone, a pattern which changes by the time you reach Linkum Shore, where Silurian mudstones and siltstones are thrown up into jagged patterns as they have been folded and lifted and banded across the eons.

As you approach St Abbs, the geology reflects the ancient volcanoes active in the area, with cast cliffs of igneous rocks forming the nesting places for seabirds. The beach at Coldingham Bay could not be more different. A pleasant walk along this lovely sandy shore and you can see why this beach has been a popular tourist destination for many years, with its multicoloured beach huts. These days the visitors tend to come looking for something a bit more active than merely taking the waters, and Coldingham Bay has, in recent years become a popular venue for Scotland's burgeoning surfing scene.

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