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Hythe's position makes it one of the best vantage points for viewing liners arriving at the port of Southampton, which attracts many ship-watchers to the area. Hythe also has a marina of relatively recent foundation, at which a large number of expensive yachts and boats are moored. A number of large and expensive houses are situated around the marina, overlooking the waterside. These developments have conferred upon Hythe a reputation for affluence, and indeed parts such as Dibden Purlieu are amongst the richest wards in the UK. (According to the Indices of Deprivation 2000 it is 247th richest out of 8414.)

The first recorded reference to Hythe dates from 1293, though the village was almost certainly established long before this date. Its waterside location and proximity to Southampton facilitated trade, shipbuilding, and other maritime activities, which along with agriculture formed the basis of the village's economy. Until 1913, Hythe was part of the parish of Fawley. It is now part of the parish of Hythe and Dibden.

In 1998 the population of Hythe was estimated at 20,000.

During World War II Hythe was used as a port for the 'little ships' of the Royal Navy, the Motor Torpedo Boats and the RAF Air/Sea Rescue Boats. In 1960, The Hovercraft Development Company and Sir Christopher Cockerel, its founder, moved to Hythe.


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