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Welcome to Sandhamn "Sandhamn, a place of natural beauty, surrounded on three sides by water and on the fourth by the sea". August Strindberg wrote that in 1873 and it still holds today. The sea and the horizon give Sandhamn, or Sandön (Sand Island) as the whole island is actually named, its character. The unique thing about Sandhamn is that it consists of sand and more sand, interrupted by thinly distributed outcrops of ancient stone. Sandhamn is perhaps best known as a place for swimming and international sailing, but also boasts some fine historical sites and offers unique natural settings. Child-friendly sandy beaches lie within walking distance wherever you turn on the island. The largest of these and arguably the prettiest with its long stretch of white sand is Trouville. In high season the harbor is a alive with activity. Several boat races start off from Sandhamn, including Gotland Runt.

The village itself, as the area around the harbor is called, contains buildings of considerable historical significance. Here you can roam around the ornate alleys and find a mix of old customs and pilot houses right among summer villas from turn-of-the-century 1900. The weather patterns and the sun´s path have a lot to do with Sandham´s rich fund of outdoor experiences. A quiet walk over hoarfrost in the silent forest can alternate with a beach walk to the accompaniment of the noise of the pounding sea in a southeast gale. You´ll also find hotels and restaurants on Sandhamn where you can get good food and relax, when you´re not out seeing all the sights. Welcome! Graphic sourced with thanks from

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