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Here Costa Azahar recovers its harmonious virginity, with the greens and blues of the coves, beaches and pine trees. Tourists who come looking for the sun and the beach have plenty of choices: Les Fonts, Carregador, L’Estany, La Romana and Moro beaches. If one wishes to play any sports, there is a reputed leisure port. If one prefers to discover the past of the people, a visit to the town of Alcalà de Xivert, the nucleus of Alcossebre is a must. The Xivert castle situated on top of the Irta mountain range has kept two well-differentiated parts: the Arab and the Christian parts. Also found in Irta is the Santa Llúcia i Sant Benet chapel (17th century). The Ebrí tower (16th century) is a little bit higher. Yet this is not the only tower we will find, as in Cap i Corb hamlet near the sea we can bump into the Cap i Corb tower, built in 1427. Also in Cap i Corb you can visit the Sant Antoni chapel (1773). The 18th century Sant Miquel chapel located 5 km away from Alcala is equally beautiful. 2 km away from the town an obelisk welcomes us. It is called Prigó del Rei and was erected in 1803 in honour of Charles IV. Once in Alcalà, a visit to Sant Joan Baptista parish curch is a must. On the right hand side of the church’s exterior is the bell tower, the tallest in the former Valencian kingdom (1784-1803). The Renaissance-style Municipal Arts Centre is in Calle de la Virgen de los Desamparados. The fourth chapel is Calvari (1779) and in Alcossebre the Sant Cristòfol church (18th century) deserves mentioning.

Green and blue Alcossebre has several coves and five beautiful beaches. On one of them there are freshwater fountains in the sand (Les Fonts Beach). From north to south, there are rough landscapes with rocks and pine woods in Argelaga and Pla de Roda, Cala Mundina and Cala Blanca coves. Next there are Les Fonts rocks, with a beach and a modern marina. A short stroll starting from here towards the primitive centre takes us to a huge beach: Carregador. Martí Rocks border this beach with Romana beach, a natural beauty with pure, crystalline waters. Moro beach is situated near some big rocks, with its typical rock agrounded opposite. Facing south, we reach l’Estany beach and from here there is a partition of gravel, typical of the coastal lagoons. There is also a long, narrow beach owned by Cap i Corb.

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