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The Canaries are islands of volcanic origin located in the Atlantic Ocean. Tenerife at 2,036km2 is the largest island of the group, situated in a central position, between Gran Canaria, 60km away and La Gomera, 27 km away. Tenerife is situated in the western part of the Canary Islands archipelago, just under 500km north of the Tropic of Cancer and about 300 km from the coast of the Western Sahara, in Africa. There are 650,000 people living in Tenerife. Tenerife can be visited just about any time of year because of its spring-like climate in the south of the Island. The south of Tenerife remain practically rain-free all year round, though the weather in winter can be cloudy.

Rain can come between October and February. The north of Tenerife is much cooler and more moist. Spanish is the language of the Canary Islands. English is also widly spoken, especially at tourist centres. There are many schools that organize the spanish courses for foreigners. So you can make an effort and try to learn that language. Tenerife is like two places in one. In the south of the Island you can find hotels and resorts, that can be visited by milions of tourists. On the other hand in the north you can find authentic working towns and villages. You can be amazed by beautiful volcanic land in Tenerife, spend days in the sun and nights on the town.

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Featured Businesses

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