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Poland is a flat country in Central Europe lying on the coast of the Baltic Sea. It is an intriguing mix of old and new. From ancient cities to those painstakingly rebuilt from the rubble of World War II. While Poland’s cities are thoroughly modern, in the countryside you will still find farmers who use horse-drawn ploughs and hand scythes for cutting wheat. Poland offers a feast of sights from beautiful medieval castles to Chopin shrines. There are also stark reminders of World War II in which more than 17% of the total population was killed. The bleak remains of Nazi concentration camps bear testimony to this past. Poland borders the Baltic Sea and offers miles upon miles of golden sandy coastline and some of the biggest sand dunes in Europe. Beaches are accessed through protected pine forests which add a beautiful smell to the experience. Poland offers some of the best windsurfing in Europe, both on the Baltic sea and on its many lakes.

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