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Narvik (Northern Sami: Narviika) is a town and municipality in the county of Nordland, Norway. Narvik was separated from Ankenes as a city, and municipality of its own, January 1, 1902. Ankenes was merged with Narvik January 1, 1974. The municipality is a part of the Ofoten landscape in North Norway, inside the arctic circle. Narvik borders Evenes to the northwest, Bardu and Gratangen in Troms county to the north, Norrbotten County (Lapland) in Sweden to the south and east and Ballangen to the southwest. With its varied habitats and coastal climates, the municipality of Narvik has an interesting fauna. The tidal area at Håkvikleira is of regional importance. This wetland habitat is a good wader locality with over 20 species having been recorded. For more information and some pictures of birds that have been seen in Narvik. Narvik has access to numerous outdoor activities. This is the best known location in northern Norway when it comes to alpine skiing. There are lifts, and several of the slopes are floodlit. There is also a cable car to Fagernesfjellet, with a stunning view and the possibility to walk even higher up in the mountains. Narvik Winter Festival (No:Vinterfestuka) takes place in early March.

Mountain hiking is, understandably, very popular in this area, and the mountain area near the Swedish border has several accommodation possibilities. Wreck diving attracts divers to Narvik, as there are a lot of wrecks in or near the harbor, and more spread out in the fjord. Fishing in the fjord or in lakes and streams is a popular leisure activity. There are salmon rivers in Skjomen, Beisfjord and Bjerkvik. The 18-hole Golf Course in Skjomen is situated in a very scenic landscape, and is one of the most northern in the world. Narvik was destroyed by the fighting in 1940 and hastily rebuilt, hence the architecture is rather functional, but private homes are often painted in bright colours.

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