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Verona is a city and provincial capital in Veneto, Northern Italy. The ancient town of verona and the center of the modern era are in a loop of the Adige River near Lake Garda. Because of this position, the areas saw regular floodings until 1956, when the Mori-Torbole tunnel was constructed, providing 500 cubic meters of discharge from the Adige river to Lake Garda when there was danger of flooding. The tunnel reduced the risk of flooding from once every seventy years to once every two centuries. Geographic history of Verona is plains and small mountain areas. Verona's Natural history museum contains one of the most valuable collections of fossils and archaeological remains of Europe.

Castelvecchio Museum features a collection of sculptures, statues and paintings in a magnificent castle built in 1354-1356 and restored by renowned architect Carlo Scarpa from 1969-70, and 1975. The town has two soccer teams, one in the second division of the Italian championship, Chievo Verona and the other in the third division, Hellas Verona. Hellas Verona won Italian Championship in 1984/1985 joining the UEFA Champions League the following year. Things and people belonging to Verona are called Veronese (plural: Veronesi). Renaissance painter Paolo Veronese is often referred to as simply "Veronese".

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