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The town is known for being principally an Arbereshe community, and is called Hora e Arbereshevet or Hora Sheshi Oana in the residents' own dialect of Albanian. The inhabitants have their origin in the Albanian town of Himarë and the Greek town of Corone.

Piana degli Albanesi is officially bilingual, as the official town documents are written in both Arbërisht and Italian and its citizens are trilingual, proficient in both languages as well as the local Sicilian dialect. However, the local dialect of Arbërisht is undergoing attrition with children learning Arbërisht as their first language and being more confident using Arbërisht, then by school leaving age are more comfortable with Italian and are able to express a wider range of concepts in Italian. This attrition may be due to the lack of formal education in Arbërisht and the lack of Albanian media.


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