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Boltenhagen is a seaside resort with about 1,200 inhabitants in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany, close to the old hanseatic cities of Lübeck and Wismar. Boltenhagen is located in the north of Nordwestmecklenburg district in an area called Klützer Winkel. The resort offers a wide view of the Bay of Lübeck; bathing beaches, a boardwalk, restaurants and health spas, (including general health spas and also health spas for handicapped (blind) people). West of the town and close to the seaside lies the picturesque little castle of Gross-Schwansee, currently a luxury hotel. South of it, Schloß Bothmer, a remarkable Tudor-style castle in the nearby village of Klütz can be visited. Boltenhagen lies north of the small towns Grevesmühlen and Klütz, about 20 kilometers west of Wismar and 30 kilometers east of Lübeck. The village lies in Klützer directly on the Baltic coast of Boltenhagen bay as part of the Mecklenburg bay.

The peninsula Tarnewitz with Tarnewitzer Huk, and the preceding fishing port in the 1930s by the "imperial community service as a military pilot testing of the airport to board aircraft weapons aufgespült. Worth is the cliff at Boltenhagen, with a panoramic view of the bay Mecklenburger. The city has a well-developed tourist infrastructure with Kurhaus, pier, hotels, restaurants, beach, swimming pool and numerous apartments. Three kilometers south of Boltenhagen in Klütz the visitor will find the oldest Baroque castle Mecklenburg, the outwardly well-preserved castle Bothmer. The owner family was originally the sole owner of all the lands in Klützer. The castle is often used as a location for films and television. West of Boltenhagen there is a remarkable castle large Schwansee (today an exclusive hotel), and the manor house Redewisch (now Hotel and Restaurant). Graphic sourced with thanks from

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