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Germany is an amalgamation of different regional princedoms, earldoms, monarchies and states. Therefore each major city in Germany has its own unique character and attractions. In addition to top-quality international cooking, each region has its own local specialities, ranging from hearty country fare at simple inns to modern light cuisine at star-rated restaurants accompanied by world-famous beers and wines. From the high Alps in the South, the Bavarian plain, and the flowing hills of central Germany to the coast of the North and Baltic Sea, Germany is a feast of old towns, medieval houses, gothic churches and small villages. Discover the beautiful Southwest of Germany with cities like Freiburg, Heidelberg and Tübingen. In the western part cities still have some french influence, discover Bonn, Düsseldorf, Cologne- the heart of the Rhineland, Trier, the oldest city of Germany and a former capital of the Roman Empire or Aachen with its impressive cathedral and history dating back to Charlemagne. The aristocratic Baltic resorts of the former East Germany stand on a beautiful shoreline of chalk cliffs and vast, sandy beaches. But although the coast has been welcoming Western visitors since German reunification, it remains uncrowded, unspoilt and utterly peaceful.

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