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Finland’s seasonal contrasts and pristine natural environment provide the setting for a dazzling and inspiring variety of adventures and new experiences. Around Midsummer in northern Finland, the sun does not set for several weeks. In Utsjoki, for example, a single, long summer day lasts for over two months. Even in the south, the ’night’ consists of a period of prolonged twilight rather than real darkness. Helsinki is northernmost national capital on European continent. The long, light days of summer pulsate with international festivals of performing arts, from opera and jazz to dance and tango, while the Finnish winter landscape is a natural playground for every conceivable winter sport and activity. Sparkling lakes and endless forests provide the perfect retreat and a ready-made therapy for the stresses and strains of modern life. Finland is also the country to experience Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights – the magical displays of shifting coloured light said to be caused by matter, or solar wind, from solar storms colliding with the Earth’s atmosphere. In Northern Finland they may be visible on clear nights up to 200 times a year. The Aurora is also visible in the south, including Helsinki, in areas of low light pollution as many as 20 times a year.

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