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Dornbirn is a city in Vorarlberg, Austria. It is the administrative center of the district (Bezirk) Dornbirn, which also includes the city of Hohenems, and the market town Lustenau. The largest and busiest city in Vorarlberg and the tenth largest in all of Austria, Dornbirn is an important commercial center and shopping mecca. The regional ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Institution), the Fachhochschule (University of Applied Sciences), two General Education Secondary Schools, the Higher Technical Vocational College (HTL). Many large companies are situated there. The city was formerly a major centre of the textiles industry, which has been in decline since the 1980s. Dornbirn is located in western Vorarlberg at 437 meters above sea level in the Rhine Valley at the foot of the Bregenzerwaldgebirges at the edge of the Eastern Alps. It is near the borders to Switzerland, Germany and Liechtenstein. The Dornbirner Ach river flows through the city and later into Lake Constance. Located in the center of the Rhine valley, Dornbirn is a notable junction of regional and interregional bus lines, connecting Bregenz in the north, Feldkirch in the south, and the Bregenzerwald in the east.

The A14 Rheintal Autobahn passes to the west, with two exits. The Achrein Tunnel between Dornbirn and Wolfurt, which currently is under construction, will directly connect the northern exit with the Bregenzerwald. Dornbirn also is a junction of the Federal highways B 190, B 200, and B 204. Within the city there is a network of city buses. Dornbirns railway station is of comparably lesser importance, though all trains along the line will stop at Dornbirn. With four stops along this line Dornbirn also has the most stops of Vorarlberg's municipalities. A small airport is located at nearby Hohenems, and near the coast of Lake Constance there are a number of gliding clubs.

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