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Treasure Beach is a string of sleepy fishing villages located off the beaten track on Jamaica's desert south coast. Treasure Beach is a community-based tourism destination involved and active in sustainable local development. Treasure Beach is laid back, friendly, and proud to be Jamaican. Treasure Beach offers six miles of sandy beaches, private coves, and rocky shorelines, four public beaches well suited for swimming, snorkeling, and body-surfing. Treasure Beach offers an opportunity to learn about the island's vibrant culture and rich history from the people who live here. Treasure Beach offers day trips for sightseeing, exploring, and more.

The beach has a narrow strip of black and yellow-red sands and is about 600m long. The swimming is good, but since the beach is open, when strong seas are running to the South, small breakers sometimes deter timid swimmers.

The region is isolated from the main tourist areas. The minor roads connecting with the main highway at Black River or Santa Cruz tend to suffer damage in heavy rain, but are usual passable with care. Treasure Beach has been developed with a few small hotels and guest houses serving tourists seeking a very quiet seaside location.

There are a few simple restaurants in the village. The presence of tourists attracts a few hawkers to the beach to sell their wares.

One of the biggest buildings is the former Old Wharf Hotel, which now houses a therapeutic boarding school named Tranquility Bay.


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