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Morocco is an exotic country synonymous with spice and romance. Morocco is famous for the cities of Tangier, Casablanca, Marrakech and the most colourful markets in the world. It is a land of spectacular scenery, from the Mediterranean coastline in the north and Atlantic coast in the southwest to the rugged Atlas Mountains with some of the highest peaks of North Africa. Volcanic Mt. Siroua (10,000 ft) to the south merges into the Sahara Desert. Enjoy the varied coastal towns or get stuck into some off-piste desert driving. Moroccan cuisine has a following among connoisseurs worldwide – from b'stillah (pigeon baked in pastry) a national favourite, to well-known couscous, or honey and almonds in pastries served with mint tea. The famous town square of Marrakech, Jemaa l-Fna, offers one of the most vibrant spectacles in the world. It owes little of its fame to its beauty, but to the continuous day and night life. Perfomers of every kind - jugglers, storytellers, snake charmers, musicians and acrobats - put on their shows during the day. At dusk the curtain goes up on rows of open-air food stalls infusing the area with mouthwatering aromas.

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