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Situated 450km off the coast of Sengal, this archipelago of ten islands is a hidden jewel in the Atlantic. The islands -Santa Antao, Mindelo, San Luzia, San Vicente, San Nicolau Sal, Boa Vista, Santiago, Maio, Fogo and Brava, each have their own charm, beauty, stunning scenery and unique character. Island hopping via national airline TACV is convenient and worthwhile. A former Portuguese colony, independent for just thirty years, Cape Verde has shown sustained economic growth and enjoys the highest living standards in West Africa. The population is approximately 450,000 and the official language is Portuguese, although Creole is widely spoken. The most developed tourist island is Sal, although Santiago is the largest island, containing half of Cape Verdes population. Its capital Praia is soon to open a new international airport. The republic of Cape Verde is comprised of the ten islands that form the archipelago, about 500 km to the west of Senegal and about 1,000 km south of the Canary Islands. The Creole population is prevalently Christian and there is a good level of education. The languages spoken are Portuguese (the official language) and Creole, idioms similar to Spanish and Italian.

The efficient national healthcare system and lack of tropical diseases mean that no vaccinations or anti-malaria treatments are required to visit or live in Cape Verde. Cape Verde Islands are a beautiful new holiday location where property prices are at present very low and are bound to rise, offering a high potential investment return. The Island of Sal is already an established holiday destination, discovered by the Italians, Germans and Americans, the British are just starting to realise the assets of this wonderful Island. Crystal clear warm waters, white sun kissed beaches and calm tropical environment.

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