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Sushi in Doral, Florida, United States

  • Aki Japanese Buffet

    Aki Japanese Buffet in Doral, Florida, a Japanese restaurant with a central location, is a sushi lovers paradise and delight, with a family friendly environment, free wifi, and a menu that includes something delicious for diners young and old. Japanese cuisine and sushi meals available in our Japanese restaurant are prepared using only the freshest ingredients and the copius portions served by our friendly staff are not only delicious, but also affordable. The hibachi grill at Aki Japanese Buffet is an added attraction that enables diners to watch master chefs showcase their amazing culinary skills that result in a divine dining experience. We also offer a convenient take out service.

  • Miyako Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar

    Miyako Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar in Doral, Florida, offers an amazing culinary experience of fresh sushi, authentic Japanese cuisine and Peruvian cuisine that is served in their Japanese restaurant with its warm and welcoming atmosphere. Tantalize taste buds with our choice of delicious sushi and Japanese cuisine either at our sushi bar or comfortably seated in our Japanese restaurant, and enjoy this amazing dining experience with a perfect pairing of food with a fine wine and sake from our bar. Miyako Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar offers a convenient online ordering service as well as a delivery and take out service.

  • Kokai Sushi and Lounge

    Kokai Sushi and Lounge in Doral, Florida, is a family owned Japanese restaurant of long standing that, over the years, has built up a stellar reputation for its servings of traditional Japanese cuisine, sushi, soups, salads and many other culinary delights. Enjoy a unique dining experience at our Japanese restaurant, and sushi lovers will be delighted with the vast variety of choices such as hosomaki, nigri, sashimi, riceless rolls and more. Hot dishes include sea bass, teriyaki, yakisoba that features chicken, beef or shrimp, and many other equally delicious choices. At Kokai Sushi and Lounge we will take you on a delightful culinary journey that will make your dining experience with us a pure delight.

  • Green Plate Asian Bistro

    Green Plate Asian Bistro in Doral, Florida, opened its doors in 2014, as a stylish Asian restaurant that features a menu of traditional Asian cuisine, sushi, seafood, curry and much more. A relaxed and welcoming atmosphere of our Asian restaurant, together with excellent service from our friendly and knowledgeable wait staff, assures diners of an enjoyable dining experience. Sundays at Green Plate Asian Bistro are extra special with our unique Asian buffet that includes creative gourmet meals, and served with sake cocktails. For the convenience of diners we also offer an excellent delivery and takeout service that enables you to enjoy your Asian cuisine in the comfort of your home or destination of your choice.

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