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  • Barrio Latino Restaurant

    Barrio Latino Restaurant in Aventura welcomes you to the best Latin cuisine experience in South Florida combining Cuban, American, Argentinian and Mexican for a feast of different flavors in a family friendly atmosphere. They are open 7 days a week, serve Cuban coffee and a menu featuring exquisite appetizer choices, soups, salads, a taste of Cuba, pork and chicken dishes, something special from the grill, fish, seafood, and Mexican favorites, and there are fabulous lunch specials and side orders. The bar offers the house specialty pitcher of sangria, various mojito flavors, maragaritas, pina colada's, imported and domestic beers and more. Barrio Latino Restaurant is a delight to visit with something for all tastes and they show your favorite sports on the many state of the art HDTV's.

  • The Grill on the Alley

    The Grill on the Alley in Aventura, Florida is open for lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch and they offer a classic American menu for all tastes with the lunch menu featuring salads, seafood and specialty dishes. This renowned steakhouse offers a wide selection of steaks and chops for dinner prepared in 8 delectable styles, and there are mouthwatering traditional side dishes with a modern twist prepared by the executive chef, plus the signature desserts are a must try. The Grill on the Alley offers an award winning dining experience in a sophisticated atmosphere and has seven locations across the United States, and was modeled on the great grills of New York and San Francisco in the 30's and 40's, come for a sublime dining experience, they offer private dining and catering too.

  • Fuego by Mana

    Fuego by Mana in Aventura, Florida is the best BBQ steakhouse and smokehouse in Miami and this Kosher restaurant serves delicious steaks, burgers and flame grilled delights, come see for yourself why they're much more than just a steakhouse. They offer a food experience for all from mouthwatering BBQ steaks to house aged, cured and smoked meats, stacked burgers, house smoked pastrami and even Latin flavored pulled empanadas, and as they say their service lives up to their food. Fuego by Mana offers a fabulous menu of appetizers, small plates for dinner only, flatbreads and sandwiches, burgers and salads, and then of course, there are the meat choices, the bird and the fish it's all here with delectable sides and they cater to the kids. Enjoy signature cocktails with your meals, and they cater for special events and private parties too, so come celebrate in exciting new ways, they look forward to meeting you.

  • Fresko Miami

    Fresko Miami in Aventura, Florida offers a mouthwatering menu and modern Italian furnishing with exquisite decor and exotic fare of American Kosher flare as they say. There are even Asian and Mediterranean dishes on the menu with South American influences reflected in the signature dishes, and even a thin crusted pizza with cream based mushroom mix, slivered in white truffle oil. Lunch is a must with delectable choices of soups, wraps, pasta salads, veggie burgers made with pita breads and more, and there's an excellent smoothie selection and wine bar. Fresko Miami also offers exquisite desserts with homemade pastry by the chef, and they do catering for events and celebrations from a vast selection for all tastes.

  • Sushi Siam

    Sushi Siam in Aventura, Florida and other areas offers a delectable Japanese and Thai experience with many combinations and blends of flavors, herbs and spices for a unique dining of meals prepared fresh daily. Prepared in their own unique and authentic style, they offer nutritious and delicious wholesome cuisine at it's finest. Menu selections include Japanese soups, salad and rice dishes, appetizers, tofu, sushi bar delights, vegetables, sashimi combinations, temaki, makimono rolls, sushi and sashimi combinations, noodles, Japanese dinners, tempura and more. Their are also Thai appetizers and house specialties, exquisite Thai dishes, fish, squid, duck and Thai noodles, vegetables, tofu, fried rice and side orders. Sushi Siam offers heavenly dining with lunch specials, champagne and sparkling wine and desserts, come for an unforgettable dining experience.

  • The Original Pancake House

    The Original Pancake House in Aventura, Florida, makes pancakes just the way you like them, and offer a unique and original menu of national acclaim. With over 100 franchises from coast to coast, they use only the finest ingredients including butter, pure whipping cream, fresh grade AA eggs, their own sourdough starter and hardwheat unbleached flour, and all their batters and sauces are made fresh in each restaurant's kitchen. Specialties include the oven baked apple pancake, and Dutch baby, the fresh vegetarian omelette, the corned beef hash, the Tahitian, Maiden's dream, the Danish Kijafa cherry crepes and strawberry waffle. The Original Pancake House also offers fruit juices and cereals, side dishes and beverages, as well as waffles, crepes, meat and egg specialties and omelettes, come for a mouthwatering sublime experience.

  • Tony Roma's

    Tony Roma's in Aventura, Florida and many other locations is about the best ribs, seafood and steaks ever and, they are world famous. Come discover great food, their world famous ribs and combos are the stuff legends are made of and are richly seasoned with choices of the finest pork and beef, all slow smoked to perfection, and basted with their signature sauces. While waiting for your entree, indulge in one of their fabulous starters, and then to follow try their signature steaks, their sublime seafood and chicken dishes, salads and soups, sandwiches and burgers, and leave space for dessert. Tony Roma's also serve great cocktails to enjoy with meals, have a kiddies menu and make for the perfect gift card, share the love with someone special today.

  • Chicken Kitchen

    Welcome to Chicken Kitchen in Aventura, Florida for your healthy addiction which is always fresh and simply delicious and the tasty menu features marinated grilled chicken entrees, fresh salads and homemade side orders. These high quality and nutritious meals are made from scratch using the healthiest forms of cooking including grilling, broiling, steaming and baking, they never fry, microwave or serve food for a holding cabinet. Chicken Kitchen offers franchising and catering, and will cater your next special event for any occasion from business to pleasure to celebrations, call them for mouthwatering meals and signature sauces.

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