Vannes French Restaurant

French Restaurant in Vannes, Bretagne, France

  • Restaurant Le Boudoir

    At Le Boudoir in Vannes, chef de cuisine Emmanuel Cordary and his wife Sandrine Vinet-Couchevellou invite you to experience and appointment with culinary poetry. Dine on delectable French cuisine that evolves with the seasons and pleasures the palate. With three cosy and comfortable spaces available private dining can be accommodated, and culinary workshops and cooking classes are available as well.

  • Culinary workshops Emmanuel

    Culinary workshops Emmanuel are presented to the little gourmet chef in the making at the Restaurant Le Boudoir in Vannes. Accompany your child for two hours of culinary entertainment and a wonderful learning experience presented by chef de cuisine Emmanuel Cordary. The children leave with a smile and their creations and the experience of a little gourmet time in the kitchen with you.

  • Restaurant Le Boudoir Cooking Classes

    Restaurant Le Boudoir Cooking Classes for adults in Vannes are presented by chef de Cuisine Emmanuel CORDARY and offer a knowledgeable workshop culinary experience. The workshop under the special guidance of Emmanuel teaches you to familiarize yourself with basic cooking techniques, preparation, cold cutting, cooking, the agreement of flavors, the choice of materials and more. Wine pairings for each dish is also covered and meals prepared by you are eaten after the courses. Gift certificates are also available, so treat someone special to this wonderful experience.

  • Restaurant Le Boudoir Seminars

    Restaurant Le Boudoir Seminars in Vannes are ideal for your company group meals or family events with a culinary dining experience in a warm and refined private dining space. For business seminars, a white flat screen is available for your projection presentations and groups of up to 18 can be accommodated. Morning functions and seminars are possible as well with breakfast being served from 8:00 am.

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