Ahrenshoop Cafe

Cafe in Ahrenshoop, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

  • Cafe Pieni

    Cafe Pieni in Ahrenshoop, Germany cover all tastes and serve sweet and hearty hot and cold, whether you are in the mood for a snack, a full meal or just a really good latte machiato, you'll find it here. This fine cafe bistro who's name translate from Finnish as the little one starts your day with a mouthwatering gourmet breakfast, and later there are snacks, really good coffee and homemade cakes. For the evening, Cafe Pieni serves up German and International wines with their menu, and dishes are always delicious, light and fresh, enjoyed in comfortable seating of modern retro design, there's even a terrace for relaxing on, a must visit, and they are available for exquisite catering for private parties, birthdays and family celebrations with fine soups, canapes and other treats the perfect pairing, they can even do delicious picnic baskets to be enjoyed with a loved one elsewhere.

  • Cafe Stuebchen

    Cafe Stuebchen in Ahrenshoop, Germany with idyllic terrace overlooking the garden offers pampering in a family atmosphere shielded by trees to create a small oasis of paradise. Morning cakes are specially baked just for you, and there's homemade bread and spicy meats in pastry, as well as seasonal offerings and delicacies of the house, they serve a magical breakfast to set you for the day too. Cafe Stuebchen features a fireplace for colder months, and the cozy interior invites you to linger in comforting warmth with really good food the order of the day, they are also happy to host and cater family celebrations like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and mourning, and well planned events are unforgettable, they also keep the children entertained, come for a wonderful dining experience.

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