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Zoos, or zoological gardens, exist in many forms all over the world. The first zoo showing wild animals from exotic locations to the public was opened in London Zoo, in 1828.

Zoo now often incorporate landscape immersion, where the animals' natural environment is recreated in their enclosures.

Modern zoos range from safari parks, where visitors drive through vast areas, seeing animals in the open range, to petting or childrens' zoos, where children can hold or stroke domestic and farm animals. Zoos also include aquariums, animal sanctuaries, animal theme parks, bird parks and reptile parks, and there are even butterfly zoos.

Zoo visits are fun, entertaining and educational, so wherever you are, visit your local zoo.



Zoo in Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria

  • Sofia Zoo

    Sofia Zoo in Sofia, Bulgaria is Bulgaria's oldest and largest zoological garden and offers a fascinating array of animals to visit. There are grazing animals including white rhinos, hippopotamus, elephants, zebras, red deer, addax, ibex, wild boar, dromedary camels, and American bison, predators of big cats including lions, tigers, leopards, pumas and brown bears. Sofia Zoo also houses penguins and a huge variety of other birds including ostriches, flamingos, macaws, owls, cockatoos and many more. Enjoy a wonderful visit and come view some exotic animals here.

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