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Zaaffran was founded in 1998 by two brothers from Bombay who decided that it was high time that Sydney had an authentic Indian Restaurant. Their dream was to serve home-style cooking - the kind Indian mums would make.

"We thought that just serving mum's cooking would make the Restaurant an instant success. But then we met Vikrant Kapoor (formerly chef de cuisine at the world-famous Raffles in Singapore) and we discovered that he could not only make the dishes which many Indian Mums make but a lot, lot more."

"Most people are unaware of the culinary wealth of knowledge that is locked in India, from households to royal palaces. My intention is to make people re-evaluate their perception of what Indian food should look, smell and taste like. Whilst our presentation may be modern we haven't abandoned any of the long standing traditions of Indian cooking" says Vikrant.

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Lvl 2, 345 Harbourside Shopng Cntr. Darling Harbour
New South Wales
(02) 9211-8900
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