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Yappies Grooming in GLASGOW, Scotland in the United Kingdom, will keep your four legged friend happy, clean, odour-free and attractive.
Yappies Grooming opened its doors in February 2007 and is getting more successful every day, we have a great regular client base. I have been a groomer for five years and I love every day that I am working in the salon, I have had dogs all my life ad I have a miniature schnauzer called Kenzie, he is 2 years old and a feisty wee character as all schnauzer owners are aware of the temperament of these wee dogs.
At Yappies Grooming in GLASGOW, Scotland, we are committed to our clients and their pet's satisfaction. Each visit begins with a consultation where we determine the look desired and if there are any skin or coat issues that need to be addressed. If you dog seems stressed, we will spend extra time making sure that your pet feels reassured and calm. We take note of any irregularities with your pet and make sure to communicate findings when they are picked up. We want your best friend to be excited to come back again and again.
Our experienced pet groomers work with your pet's personality to make him comfortable while he's here. He'll get a shampoo and haircut that matches his breed and your lifestyle. Everything we use is kept supper clean and sanitised for his health, and both small and large breeds are welcome at Yappies Grooming.
Regular professional grooming helps keep your sSpecial friend healthy.
Your pet will come home clean, smelling fresh, and having a beautiful haircut.
The Groomer will examine your pet's skin and coat for any irregularities, such as lumps, bumps, flaky skin, and external parasites and report any problems to the owner.
The Groomer will identify any problems with the eyes and/or ears (redness, odour or discharge) of your pet and report any problems to the owner.
Your pet's nails will be trimmed and filed during the grooming appointment.
Your pet's glands will be checked and expressed if necessary.

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